On October 28-29, 2020, a Scientific conference of young scientists and postgraduates of the IPE RAS (https://molkonf.ifz.ru/) was held, where reports were presented  by graduate students of the IPE RAS – young scientists of the IEPT RAS:  Shchepalina Polina, Semka Maxim, Artem Livinsky, and Vera Timofeeva.

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Information platform Web of Science and Russian Science Citation Index

As part of the support and development of a project to provide access to electronic scientific resources of state scientific and educational organizations of the Russian Federation, Clarivate, together with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, announces the opening of test access to the Russian Science Citation Index. Access will be open from 10/26/2020 to 12/31/2020. Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) is a database of the most influential scientific journals in Russian on the Web of Science platform, a joint project of Clarivate and the Scientific Electronic Library (eLibrary.ru). Today this database contains information about publications in almost 800 leading scientific journals in Russian in all areas of science.

Lava dome morphology inferred from numerical modelling

Source: OXFORD Academic Lava domes form when highly viscous magmas erupt on the surface. Several types of lava dome morphology can be distinguished depending on the flow rate and the rheology of magma. Here, we develop a 2-D axisymmetric model of magma extrusion on the surface and lava dome evolution and analyse the dome morphology using a finite-volume method implemented in Ansys Fluent software. The magma/lava viscosity depends on the volume fraction of crystals and temperature. We show that the morphology of domes is influenced by two parameters: the characteristic time of crystal content growth (CCGT) and the discharge rate (DR). Continue reading“Lava dome morphology inferred from numerical modelling”