2000/06/18 14:44:12

According to the USGS/NEIC QUICK EPICENTER DETERMINATIONS (Golden, CO – NO. 0-186 JUL 4, 2000) the SOUTH INDIAN OCEAN earthquake is the only magnitude 7.5+ earthquake that happened worldwide in July-December 1999. It has the following parameters: Date and Time: 2000/06/18 14:44:12 Lattude:  13.962°S Lontitude: 97.473°E Depth: 10 Magnitude: 7.8 It happened outside test area in the region of very low seismic static about a thousand km from the 04 June, Southern Sumatera earthquake. The other two recent large earthquakes – 28 March 2000 Volcano Islands, Japan Region and 04 May 2000 Sulawesi, Indonesia (see, e.g. http://wwwneic.cr.usgs.gov/neis/bulletin/mag7.html ) – are below, although close to the level defined in our Test for M7.5+ (Healy et al., 1992). Both of them happened in the Test area, but we did not aim to predict them in our experiment.