February 02, 2013

According to the USGS/NEIC on-line Earthquake Search in the first half of 2013 there were two earthquakes that formally fall into the magnitude range M8.0+:
Date Time Lat Lon Depth Magnitudes
2013/02/06 1:12:25 -10.799 165.114 24 mb6.4 Ms7.4 8.0MWWCMT 7.9MWUCMT
2013/05/24 5:44:49 54.885 153.253 598 mb7.5 —– 8.3MWWCMT 8.4MWUCMT
According to “The 2013a Update of the M8-MSc predictions” (sent out on Saturday, February 02, 2013) both of them fall into the Test area considered for application of the M8 algorithm:
  1. the 06 February 2013, Mw8.0 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS earthquake is a failure-to-predict M8.0+ earthquake; however, it should be noted that its PDE-Weekly Ms=7.4, estimated energy corresponds to MeGS=7.2 and MsGSRAS=7.2 based on 30 worldwide station magnitude determinations;
  2. the 24 May 2013, Magnitude 8.4, about 600 km deep SEA OF OKHOTSK earthquake is a failure-to-predict (its epicenter located at about 460 km from the nearest center of CIs).