A group of authors of IEPT RAS presented the Institute’s WEB-GIS current state which unites desktop geoinformation projects of different scientific groups and gives users a possibility to view the projects data. Content of two projects was described: prediction of earthquakes on a global scale and two regional projects (Black and Caspian Seas, Italy) on the seismogenic nodes and lineaments.

The materials of the speech can be found here. Conference website. Proceeding of the conference.


We are deeply saddened to announce that on April 15, 2022, Boris Grigoryevich Bukchin passed away.

He was a famous seismologist, a wonderful, kind, intimate person.


The Variability of Earthquake Parameters with the Depth: Evidences of Difference of Mechanisms of Generation of the Shallow, Intermediate-Depth, and the Deep Earthquakes

At the high pressures and temperatures typical of the Earth’s interior, the brittle failure in accordance with the generally accepted Reid elastic rebound model cannot occur at depths greater than a few dozen kilometers. Nevertheless, earthquakes do occur at depths to about 700 km depth and some more.

More“The Variability of Earthquake Parameters with the Depth: Evidences of Difference of Mechanisms of Generation of the Shallow, Intermediate-Depth, and the Deep Earthquakes”

Joint ICTP-IUGG Workshop on Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems in Geophysical Sciences

There is the Workshop on Data Assimilation and Inverse Problems in Trieste Italy. It started on 18 October and will end on 29 October 2021.

The workshop organized jointly by the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG), ICTP, and EAIFR will discuss applications of data assimilation and inverse problem methodologies to specific geophysical fields. The related scientific progress may contribute to the solutions of major societal challenges, such as climatic and environmental changes, disaster risk reduction, and sustainability.

You can still join the Workshop and listen to lectures from world leading scientists.

Alexander Anatolievich Soloviev passed away

This sad event came as a huge surprise to us. Pain and sorrow overwhelm the hearts of everyone who knew Alexander Anatolievich Soloviev… Integrity and a good attitude to people were his hallmarks and left deep impression on everyone who knew him. We are devastated to have lost a wonderful man, talented scientist, wise mentor, colleague, friend…

Rest in peace. >>>

On October 28-29, 2020, a Scientific conference of young scientists and postgraduates of the IPE RAS (https://molkonf.ifz.ru/) was held, where reports were presented  by graduate students of the IPE RAS – young scientists of the IEPT RAS:  Shchepalina Polina, Semka Maxim, Artem Livinsky, and Vera Timofeeva.


Information platform Web of Science and Russian Science Citation Index

As part of the support and development of a project to provide access to electronic scientific resources of state scientific and educational organizations of the Russian Federation, Clarivate, together with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, announces the opening of test access to the Russian Science Citation Index. Access will be open from 10/26/2020 to 12/31/2020. Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) is a database of the most influential scientific journals in Russian on the Web of Science platform, a joint project of Clarivate and the Scientific Electronic Library (eLibrary.ru). Today this database contains information about publications in almost 800 leading scientific journals in Russian in all areas of science.