The conference of young scientists and postgraduates of the IPE RAS

On October 28-29, 2020, a Scientific conference of young scientists and postgraduates of the IPE RAS ( was held, where reports were presented  by graduate students of the IPE RAS – young scientists of the IEPT RAS:  Shchepalina Polina, Semka Maxim, Artem Livinsky, and Vera Timofeeva.


Reports were dedicated to very diverse topics. Vera Timofeeva took part in the online section of the conference and presented a report prepared by a team of authors  on the topic «Assessment of possible activation of the Bolshaya Udina volcano based on a  joint study of seismicity and x-ray interferometry data». ( – timecode – 3:45)

Polina, Maxim and Artem took part in an offline section with presentations in the  video format:

  • Polina Shchepalina «Lunar and solar tides and seismicity: Baikal Region,  Sichuan-Yunnan province (China)»()
  • Maxim Semka «The strongest earthquakes of the Pacific belt»()
  • Artem Livinsky «Recognition of ore-bearing morphostructural nodes in  Altai-Sayan region»()

Each report was evaluated by the Commission.  According to the results of the conference,  Vera  Timofeeva took the third place and was awarded a Diploma of the second degree. Artem Livinsky’s report was highly appreciated by experts.  We congratulate Vera and Artem on their successful performance in a  serious competition and wish them further  success in their studies and research!

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