According to the USGS/NEIC on-line Earthquake Search in the first half of 2012 there were two earthquakes from the magnitude range M8.0+ and one earthquake from the M7.5+ range:
Date, Time Lat Lon Depth Magnitudes
2012/03/20 18:02:47 16.493 -98.231 20.0 mb6.6 Ms7.6 7.4MWWCMT 7.4MWUCMT
2012/04/11 08:38:36 2.327 93.063 20.0 mb7.4 Ms8.5 8.6MWWCMT 8.6MWUCMT
2012/04/11 10:43:10 0.802 92.463 25.0 mb7.2   —   8.2MWUCMT 8.2MWGCMT
According to “The 2012a Update of the M8-MSc predictions” (sent on Saturday, January 21, 2012) each of the three events fall into the Test area considered and confirm predictions by the M8 algorithm: (i) the 20 March 2012 Ms7.6 OAXACA, MEXICO earthquake and (ii) the 11 April 2012, M8.6 and M8.2 earthquakes OFF THE WEST COAST OF NORTHERN SUMATRA have happened in CI # 119 for the M7.5+ magnitude range and CIs ## 32-35 for the M8.0+ magnitude range, correspondingly, where the M8 TIPs are in progress. In all the three cases, earthquake epicenters missed the reduced area of alarm diagnosed in the second approximation by the algorithm MSc.