According to the USGS/NEIC on-line Earthquake Search in the first half of 2013 there were four earthquakes that formally fall into the magnitude range M7.5+:
Date Time Lat Lon Depth Magnitudes
2013/01/05 8:58:19 55.393 -134.652 10 mb6.4 Ms7.7 7.5MWWCMT 7.5MWUCMT
2013/04/16 10:44:20 28.033 61.996 80 mb7.0 —— 7.7MWWCMT 7.7MWGS
According to «The 2013a Update of the M8-MSc predictions» (sent on Saturday, February 02, 2013) both of them happened outside of the Test area considered. Specifically:
  1. the 05 January 2013 SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA, Magnitude 7.7 earthquake happened 520 km away from the Test area at location where the annual rate of reported earthquakes is not enough for application of the M8 algorithm (i.e. compare the actual average rate below 3 with the required 20 magnitude 4 or larger earthquakes per year);
  2. the 16 April 2013, Magnitude 7.7 SOUTHERN IRAN is outside the Test area, however, its epicenter is 63 km away from the nearest CI #163 area with a TIP in progress till 2014/07/01.