According to the USGS/NEIC on-line Earthquake Archive Search of the ANSS Comprehensive Catalog in the second half of 2013 there were two earthquakes from the magnitude range M7.5+ and not a single one from M8.0+:
Date Time Lat Lon Depth Magnitudes
2013/09/24 11:29:47 26.951 65.500 15 7.7 MWW
2013/11/17 09:04:55 -60.274 -46.401 10 7.7 MWW
According to «The 2013b Update of the M8-MSc predictions» both of them fall outside the Global Test area considered for application of the M8 algorithm targeting M7.5+ earthquakes (note that the center of the nearest CI #163 is at 853 km from the epicenter of the first one — i.e. the 24 September 2014 Awaran, Pakistan earthquake — and it was alerted for M7.5+; this reminds the case of the 16 April 2013, M7.7 Saravan, Iran earthquake reported to you in July).