One magnitude 8.0+ earthquake happened in January-June 2000: According to the USGS/NEIC QUICK EPICENTER DETERMINATIONS (Golden, CO — NO. 0-186 JUL 4, 2000) the SOUTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA happened on June 04, 2000 at 16:28:25.8 UTC has epicenter at 4.773°S, 102.050°E, depth of 33 km, and the following magnitudes — mb = 6.8, Ms = 8.0, MwHRV =7.9, MwGS = 7.7. Although some parameters may slightly change in the final determination, the earthquake is a M8.0+ event that we aimed to predict. This is indirectly confirmed by the aftershock zone extended over 200 km and by, perhaps, an associated earthquake of Ms7.8 two weeks later in Indian Ocean. Such a great seismic events in the Indian Ocean subduction zones were reported only twice in the twentieth century: These are the 1941 Andaman, Ms8.1 and the 1977 Sumbawa, Ms8.0 Islands earthquakes. The June 04 earthquake was pinpointed by M8-MSc prediction. Its epicenter falls inside the M8 TIP in progress from July 1996 through June 2001 in CI#36 (Table of CIs for M8.0+). The MSc algorithm restricted the prediction, first time in July 1997, to the area within 14.75°N-18.50°N and 100.78°W-96.86°W (M8 Update 00A) where the epicenter and aftershocks of the Southern Sumatera earthquake occurred on June 04.